Monday, February 3, 2014

The Stuff that Saves Us - Sticker Book

FAMK has decided to try a little something called "the Stuff that Saves Us," where we tell you all about the latest life-saving / sanity-saving products we have tried and found to be true. Hopefully some of our discoveries will help to make your life a little easier. 

A little while before Christmas on her personal Instagram feed, Lyndsi shared her discovery of these reusable sticker books by Melissa & Doug (do they make anything that isn't fantastic?) and suggested that moms everywhere with young toddlers go out and buy them:
(Click on the picture to see the product details - and probably better quality pictures too)
The picture is crappy, but let me tell you what, these sticker books are awesome. No more peeling and scraping and scrubbing days-old stickers off of my furniture, and Jonah can still have endless amounts of fun. He loves these things, and they keep him quiet when I desperately need him to be! Though the pad is on the larger side, if you usually heft around a big old tote or diaper bag (like I do) with supplies for changing diapers and distracting your child from public tantrums, it's pretty portable. 

There are several different sticker books - from food to cars to dress up - and they're not expensive either. When Lyndsi first recommended them they were one of Amazon's extra special Christmas deals for only $3! Right now I think they're about $6, but still - that's six bucks that will buy you more quiet rejuvenation time than you've probably had in a while. Worth it. 
Just check out the creativity this toy allows - the possibilities are endless!

He can seriously play with these all day long. So if you're on the hunt for the perfect inexpensive gift for that little sticker-lover in your life, or planning a lengthy road trip, or booking some cross-country airline tickets for the whole family, Jonah and I (and Lyndsi and Charlotte) give these babies two huge thumbs up. 

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  1. My mom got some of these for her grandkids to play with. They. Are. Awesome! Of course, now my almost 3 year old seems to think she can reuse any sticker as many times as she wants which gets kinda gross when you have a shedding dog….


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