Tuesday, November 18, 2014

10 Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Headed to a baby shower but don’t want to show up with the typical onesie or diapers? Here are 25 unique gifts that are sure to be a hit!

(* indicates gifts that would also make great group gifts if you are buying with other friends and family!)

1. Your favorite children’s book with a special message written inside*

It’s a gift that will be used for years to come and what could be sweeter than reading a special message from you as they grow older? Here are some books that are sure to leave an impression:

2. A basket full of paper products

There is nothing worse than those bring-in meals coming to an end. But a close second is worrying about dishes when you’re still trying to figure out how to function with a newborn. A basket full of paper plates, napkins, cups, and cutlery will be a gift that saves the day and leaves a lasting impression.

3. Baby’s first year calendar

Every mom always has intentions of scrapbooking and writing down their baby’s first word and each special moment. But those things are easy to fall by the wayside once the realities of motherhood kick in. A calendar specifically for baby will make it easy for the parents to remember every important milestone that is easy to forget.

4. A picture frame with a gift card/money toward a photography session*

Newborn pictures are something that will be looked back on….well, forever. However, a quality photo shoot can cost a pretty penny. This is a gift mom will never forget.

5. Hand/foot casting kit

Sooner than later those tiny little hands and feet won’t be quite so tiny! This gift is priceless and perfect for all the times she will be wishing she could freeze time.

6. Hooded baby towel

This is not something that usually makes the shopping list for a new mom but will save the day when it comes time to give baby their first bath. Doll it up with some baby wash, lotion, and washrags.

7. Sample box subscription*

This gift keeps on giving. (Literally!) When the novelty of a new baby wears off, this will provide something to look forward to as well as a way for her to find new products that she loves! These boxes are darling for new moms:

8. Maid services*

Enough said.

9. Spa gift card*

Try to remember that it’s not just about that new baby. A gift card to the spa will save the day when her feet are swollen and she wants a maternity massage, or after the baby comes and she wants a facial for some alone time.

10. Amazon Prime Subscription*

There is nothing worse than trying to shop once you have kids. Most mom’s turn to online shopping. Since Amazon basically has everything in the world (they sell underpants dispensers, people!), make life a little easier on her. Amazon Prime includes Amazon Mom (20% off diapers and up to 15% off other products) as well as the free shipping, free e-books, and free video/TV streaming that comes along with Prime.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Must-Have Monday: Miracle Cleaner

I don't know about you, BUT, I hate cleaning my showers and tubs. 

Torture, I tell ya.

So I'll just cut right to the chase.

Every mom needs this amazing, make-at-home, magic cleaner.

You need:
  • A spray bottle

  • Blue Dawn dish soap (Has to be blue!!!)

  • Distilled white vinegar
Aaaaand...that's all. Not kidding.

Guys. I am really skeptical about make-at-home cleaning products/laundry soap/anything. But you neeeeeed this in your life. Trust me. I wouldn't lead you astray.

So here's what you do.

  1. Warm up some vinegar in your microwave (I usually do about a cup)
  2. Pour warm vinegar into spray bottle
  3. Pour in equal parts of Dawn soap (Doesn't matter how much vinegar and Dawn you use, but just make sure you use equal parts.)
  4. Give it a little shake
  5. Spray solution on ANYTHING that needs a good scrubbing. (Showers, tubs, windows, sinks, etc.)
  6. Let sit for some time (I let it soak in my showers for about an hour)
  7. Scrub off with water (I use just a normal sponge or scrubber)
  8. Do a happy dance
It seriously is amazing. You don't have to sit and break your back trying to get all the junk off. It just wipes away and then sparkles.

It smells terrible.

But it is worth it.

The best part? My showers seriously stay cleaner, longer.


You can thank me later! Go clean.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Jekyll & Hyde AKA: My toddler

Last week I was picking up my (almost) 3-year-old from Joy School.

(FYI: Joy school is what me and the other neighborhood moms do once a week for 90 minutes, each week rotating teachers and houses. It really should be called, "90 minutes to pretend like I'm catching up on cleaning and laundry but really I am catching up on the long list that is piling up on my DVR, with a bowl of ice cream, in my sweats." ...but, Joy School makes us sound like really good moms.)

That's beside the point.

Anyway, when I arrived, the kids were playing downstairs. My little girl was going down a slide and when I told her it was time to go, she promptly climbed back up the ladder. I told her she could go down one more time and then we had to go. She quickly told me "2 more times" to which I replied, "You can go down one more time or no more times." Her answer?

"No more times."

Seriously? Where does she learn this stuff? I swear an "I'm going to call your bluff on every little thing" hormone is released when they turn 2.

I have been trying to do better at my follow through and for whatever reason, decided this would be a great time to exercise that. So I picked her up, and started to make my way out the door.

You guys.

I don't know what happened. She clearly was overtaken by some demonic spirit. In fact, I snapped a picture at that very moment to document it so you would believe me.

I swear I've never seen anything like it. I couldn't really see what was happening because she was hitting me so furiously that my vision was impaired. And a shrill so loud and high pitched that only the dogs down the street could hear it, was escaping her lips. I feared for my life.

And quite frankly, hers.

I was trying to make a quick escape but also trying to reason with her so that the other moms, who I imagine were looking on in complete and utter horror, could see that I knew how to kinda, sorta parent my child.

You've been there right? Good grief, please tell me you've been there.

I found myself holding on to her as tight as I could in fear I was going to drop her, she was bucking so hard. (It was like riding a bull at the rodeo. Only in reverse.) She was still screaming but now that was partly because I was pinching her leg (never works). And through my I-just-won-first-attendant-and-am-so-pissed-but-can't-show-it smile, I was bidding farewell to the other moms.

"I don't know what's come over her!"

"Nothing a 2 hour nap can't fix!"

"I guess your house is just too much fun!"

"We are good! Thanks!"

I was grateful when they laughed and told me it was a relief to see other kids behaving that way so they felt more normal.

Luckily, the stars aligned, a 2 hour nap DID happen, and I went to my happy place (Ellen & Oreos) to recover from the trauma.

And that whole thing about being better at following through? Well, I guess that happened.

Next week's parenting skill to practice: picking your battles.